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1 I bought this old house, and ____________ it myself.  
  a) renewal  
  b) renovated  
  c) renewed  

d) reformed


2 I called the clinic to make an appointment for my annual ______________ .  
  a) health check  
  b) results  
  c) checkup  

d) body check


3 You should ___________ to your boss about working too many hours.  
  a) ask  
  b) claim  
  c) shout  

d) complain


4 The best thing about summer is wearing ______________.  
  a) underware  
  b) short pants  
  c) shorts  

d) panties


5 You can get great ________________ at マザー牧場.  
  a) soft ice cream  
  b) soft cream  
  c) ice  

d) cream


6 My hobby is ______________.  
  a) sleeping  
  b) watching TV  
  c) eating  

d) Building model airplaines


7 You are expected to ________________ in most Japanese companies.  
  a) overwork  
  b) work over  
  c) overtime  

d) work overtime


8 I had some wonderful ___________ at a Chinese restaurant in Yokohama.  
  a) Peking Duck  
  b) menues  
  c) dishes  

d) food


9 There are many ways to _____________ your English.  
  a) grow  
  b) brush up  
  c) level up  

d) improve


10 I’ve been working too hard. I need a ______________vacation.  
  a) short  
  b) relaxing  
  c) refresh  

d) dream